You Deserve all Your Options

Story shared by: Leanna

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Do not give up and be your own advocate for alternative treatment options. When a doctor tells you that a hysterectomy is your only choice, you should refuse to accept that. Do your own research and make your voice heard. You deserve ALL of your options not just the standard traditional hysterectomy and do not let anyone talk you into that choice unless that is what you want. That is what almost happened to me.

We Need to Speak Up

Story shared by: Dearra

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It is very difficult to find information on fibroids. There is no types of support system or platform at all. It was frustrating because you feel alone as you’re going through this.
A lot of time I didn’t know anyone around me who had fibroids until I told them about my story and started the dialogue about it. So, sometimes we need to speak up and let people know. It’s tough but you’re not alone in this.

Heal Through Bonding with Survivors

Story shared by: Keona

27 years old. 3 kids. 1 full year of no cycle and 1 full year of bleeding. 4 blood transfusions. Numerous visits to doctor appointments. I have no uterus due to a massive uterine fibroid. I am not bleeding anymore …but I really wish I could have one more child. I wish I knew more women my age who have had a hysterectomy. I want to be able to relate to women who have been in my situation and have healed and moved on from the loss of their uterus.

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