Discussion with D.C. Councilwoman Christina Henderson Addresses Uterine Fibroids in Health Curriculum

We had the opportunity to speak with D.C. Councilwoman At-Large, Christina Henderson, about the importance of providing curriculum in schools about potential women’s health issues like uterine fibroids. Councilwoman Henderson is passionate about advocating for issues that impact families and children. She has promoted increased health education in schools where reproductive health topics have been…

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Uterine Fibroids and Labor

Whether you are trying to get pregnant or already are, it’s important to understand what to expect on your journey if you are also living with uterine fibroids. When you’re pregnant, the last thing you want to worry about are potential complications during labor; however, it’s important to know how your fibroids will affect your…

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Unusual Iron Anemia Symptoms

You’re buying boxes of tampons and pads just to control the constant, heavy bleeding you experience each month. To make matters worse, you’re ruining clothing and avoiding leaving the house in fear that you’ll have another “bleed-through”. As if you’d even want to leave the house with how tired you’ve become lately. But what do…

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