Countdown to Our Annual Fibroid Awareness Event in NYC!

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Join us in NYC on July 25th for “A Night in Full Bloom Fibroid Awareness Event”

Whether you're looking for an evening of educational discussions on women's health, casual networking, or mid-week entertainment, we have it all! Get ready to meet a fantastic group of people for an unforgettable night of empowerment, friendship, and fun. Get Your Ticket Here

We want to see you at our Sister's Brunch in Washington, D.C. June 29th!

Join us for a morning of connection, education, and a savory brunch as we raise awareness about fibroids! Hosted by: Kym Lee, Fibroid Ambassador Advocate, with Special Guest: Ella Destiny!

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Understanding Fibroids

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Multi-Faceted Approach to Fibroid Awareness

Our Mission

By developing a collaborative partnership with fellow patients and physicians, we’re fostering a supportive relationship where informed women have proactive conversations with trusted healthcare providers on a regular basis. As a patient-focused organization, our unique insights, layered with a unique mix of virtual and in-person outreach, drive exponential change.

Awareness, education, and access to care are all needed to make a tremendous difference in a woman’s quality of life. Together we need to make talking about menstrual health and fertility a part of normal health care.



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Shay Johnson's Story

Actress Shay Johnson was terrified every time she thought of the word "Fibroids." She separated herself from her family and friends while trying to deal with the symptoms herself. She finally was made aware of treatment options that helped her to live a normal life.

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Everyone’s personal journey with fibroids can serve as a source of motivation and hope for other women suffering from similar conditions.
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(C) Congresswoman Shontel Brown stands with supporters at a press release to discuss the importance of the U-Fight Act.

U-FIGHT Act Introduced to Promote Progress in Fibroid Disease Management

Uterine fibroids are noncancerous tumors that develop in and around the uterus. For some women, fibroids do not exhibit any symptoms and may go unnoticed. While others face severe symptoms

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Swain shares her journey with UFE

My UFE Journey with Fibroids

Imagine living life on the edge of a precipice, each day a fight against debilitating fatigue and the constant threat of painful fibroid symptoms. Tashoryia Swain talked with Fibroid Fighters

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Prioritizing Women's Health on Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is a time to celebrate the women who nurture and guide us. But for many moms, this special day can be overshadowed by a silent struggle in the

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Whether you want to be prepared for the start of your period, plan for travel or, simply monitor your cycle, our quick period calendar should be able to help.
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The Disturbing Truth About Hair Relaxers

They've been linked to reproductive disorders and cancers. The New York Times asks "Why are they still being marketed so aggressively to Black women? An article in the New York Times reveals that the research about hair relaxers has finally begun to bear fruit: A robust body of scientific evidence has now shown that straighteners and other hair products marketed to Black girls and women have been linked to endocrine-disrupting substances associated with the early…

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