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Erica Taylor, Fibroid Fighter, featured by the Fibroid Fighters Foundation

Fighter Feature: Erica Taylor

Introduce yourself, and don’t forget your name! I’m Erica L. Taylor, Executive Producer, entrepreneur, impact filmmaker, wife, a woman of God, and a fibroid awareness advocate and ambassador. Do you

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Fighter Feature: Shay Johnson

December’s Fighter Feature is Shay Johnson. Shay is a reality TV star and model who helps spread awareness of fibroids by engaging in conversations in our Talk About “U” series

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Melissa Murphy Fighter Feature

Fighter Feature: Melissa Muganzo Murphy

We’re introducing our newest series: the Fighter Feature. Every month, we’ll be asking one of our Fibroid Fighters to encourage more conversations about fibroids by sharing their story and to

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Dr. Yan Katsnelson and Cynthia Bailey host Fibroid Awareness event in Miami

Miami November Brunch Highlights Fibroid Awareness

November 19, 2021, Northbrook, IL-- The Miami Fibroid Awareness Brunch, a highly anticipated event on November 13, 2021, in downtown Miami inspired the audience to join the fight for better awareness of fibroid disease that touches over 26 million American women. Celebrities, fibroid ambassadors, and CEO and Fibroid Fighters’ Founder Dr. Yan Katsnelson took part in the event that included personal stories, giveaways, and a sneak peek at “I Have the Right” film at the event that…

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