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Fibroids and Genetics

Fibroids and Genetics

Did you know that one of the risk factors for fibroids is genetics? If have a uterus and your grandmother, mother, or sibling has fibroids, you are at a higher

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Women with Diabetes risk at Fibroids

Are Diabetic Women More At Risk for Fibroids?

Did you know that 37.3 million Americans—about 1 in 10—have diabetes which can lead to other health conditions?  Each year, the National Diabetes Association has a November campaign geared to increase

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Turning Red about Periods

Is Pixar’s “Turning Red” Movie About Periods?

In MGM’s horror film “Carrie” (1976), there’s a scene where Carrie gets her first period, and she thinks she’s dying. Of course, this happens in a scene where girls are

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A Permanent Solution

A hysterectomy is the only permanent solution to uterine fibroids. Each year in the United States, doctors perform about 300,000 hysterectomies on women with uterine fibroids. The surgery involves the removal of part or all of the uterus, is one of the most prevalent among adult women, and is the second most common operation among women of childbearing age. However, this isn’t the optimum choice for women who eventually want to have children. Many women…

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