Fibroid Survivor Stories

Learn from the inspiring stories of others who have fought fibroids.

Billi Martin Fibroid Story

Billi Martin’s Road To Recovery

      Because she wanted to have more kids, New York film producer Billi Martin chose to get a myomectomy. In her early 30s, Billy Martin learned that she had uterine fibroids after experiencing headaches, heavy bleeding, anemia, high blood pressure, painful sex, an enlarged abdomen, and emotional distress.  These symptoms tremendously affected Billi’s life. “Oh, yes, it affected…

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Twyla Hubbard's Fibroid Story

Twyla Hubbard’s Fibroid Journey  I knew something was wrong when I would get intense pelvic pain, even when I was not on my period. The pain would nearly bring me to my knees. I tried managing the pain with over-the-counter medication for as long as possible. I noticed that when I would sleep in certain positions and after intercourse, the…

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Twyla Hubbard
Celebrity and Fibroid Fighter Shay Johnson

Shay Johnson's Story

Shay Johnson has used her voice to share her experience with fibroids as an effort to help other women know they are not alone.  Watch and read more about her story below: At one point when I would say the word fibroid- I was terrified because I had memories of my symptoms and what I had to go through when…

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