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Twyla Hubbard

Twyla Hubbard's Fibroid Story

Twyla Hubbard’s Fibroid Journey  I knew something was wrong when I would get intense pelvic pain, even when I was not on my period. The pain would nearly bring me to my knees. I tried managing the pain with over-the-counter medication for as long as possible. I noticed that when I would sleep in certain positions and after intercourse, the…

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Cherelle Reid: Finally after Fibroid Treatment, I'm Pregnant

Cherelle's Fibroid Journey "I was bleeding during intercourse and felt like I had a bladder infection, so I made an appointment to see my general practitioner. I also bled during my pap smear, which was unusual for me. My doctor attributed the bleeding during intercourse and pap smear to high cervix placement. I was negative for a bladder infection.  …

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Cherelle Reid

Leanna's Story

I had an ultrasound in June to diagnose my fibroids. I was so large that I measured as if I had a 6-month pregnancy uterus. When I had another ultrasound in December, the fibroids had grown until they were quite large. To me, having my uterus and cervix removed for anything other than cancer seemed very invasive. After doing a…

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