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Advocate, Educate and Hope: Fibroid Awareness Event Brings Community Together

August 07,2023

Purple was the color of the night at the Fibroid Fighters Foundation’s “50 Shades of Purple” reception held at the Empire Steak House in Midtown Manhattan. Over 200 guests showed their support for fibroid awareness, including notable fibroid ambassadors Cynthia Bailey, Kym Lee, and Malorie Bailey, who attended the event. Special guests included TT Torrez of WQHT Hot 97, Vice President of Artist/Talent Relations, Keith Brown, and R&B musician Lil ’Mo.  

The opening remarks, “Stand for Something,” were delivered by Yan Katsnelson, M.D., Founder and CEO of USA Fibroid Centers and Fibroid Fighters Foundation. Dr. Katsnelson challenged the audience to make a difference in fibroid care and spoke on the importance of women having the education and awareness about fibroid disease to choose the best treatment. 

Fibroids are the leading cause of hysterectomies being overperformed and overprescribed, especially for women of color.

“If a woman does not want to have a hysterectomy, she should not be forced to have one,” he said. Dr. Katsnelson encouraged the New York audience to make fibroids a priority in their state, like Florida, which earlier this year enacted a bill that will enable their Department of Health to create and manage an electronic database of information relating to uterine fibroids.

The event is part of the foundation’s month-long efforts to raise awareness about uterine fibroids, a common health condition affecting an estimated 70% to 80% of women. Speakers shared their personal stories of living with fibroids, reminding attendees of the negative impact they can have. 

Fibroid Fighters Eugenia Buie and Coach Ella Destiny discussed the importance of women caring for their emotional and mental health and well-being. 

Jacob White, M.D., Director of Fibroid Services at USA Fibroid Centers

Jacob White, M.D., Director of Fibroid Services at USA Fibroid Centers, spoke on Fibroids and Family: The Genetic Factor. TV reality stars and sisters Cynthia Bailey and Malorie Bailey shared their experiences with fibroids. They talked about how the disease had affected their lives and how they had found relief through treatment. They also encouraged other women who were struggling with fibroids to seek help. 

Fibroid Ambassador Kym Lee King and Coach Ella Destiny were joined by interventional radiologist Aaron Shiloh, M.D. and Flora Katsnelson, M.D., co-founder of Fibroid Fighters, for a frank discussion on “How Fibroids Affect Sex and Intimacy. 

The takeaway from the powerful speeches can be summed up with one phrase: Hysterectomies and other invasive treatments are not the only options. Women must be aware of their options for non-invasive treatments to help them manage their fibroids and live full and healthy lives. 

Highlights of the evening included a motivational presentation from Keith Brown (Mr. I’m Possible), who got the audience chanting the fibroid awareness mantra, “We motivate, we elevate, we educate, we graduate.”  R&B sensation Lil’ Mo’s soulful singing and strong backbeat had the audience singing and dancing along.

The event also honored author and celebrity make-up artist Kym Lee King, who received the Fibroid Fighter’s Award for her work in fibroid advocacy work. Dr. King recently received a Lifetime Achievement Award Presidential Award and hosts a monthly Instagram Live fibroid education program, Talk About “U”.

“This was such an amazing night,” Fibroid Ambassador Eugenia Buie posted on Instagram, sentiments echoed by Kym Lee King, who posted that receiving the award was “an unforgettable moment.” 

“It’s the end of Fibroid Awareness Month, but the advocacy continues,” posted Dr. Maureen Chy Agu, a digital creator who brought her daughters to the event. It was such an incredible event. Experts in fibroids shared great information. It was also loaded with great dinner, wine, entertainment, learning opportunities and lots of fun. 

The event provided hope for the future in the fight against fibroids and fueled the passion for helping women know their options for fibroid treatment. Fibroid Fighters is grateful to their event sponsors, which included USA Fibroid Centers, Merit Medical, Planned Parenthood, Moore Promotions, United GMG, Antenna Satellite, USA Data, AMW PR, El Especialito, ReachTV, and Univision. Sponsor support helps improve treatment, research, and patient advocacy services.  

Attendees at the 50 Shades of Purple Fibroid Awareness Event learned about treatment options, participated in a Q and A with fibroid specialists, and connected with other women who understand what they’re going through.

Check out this year’s event here.

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