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Carmel Stovall’s Story

June 07,2020

Since about 2018 I was gaining weight more and more and I couldn’t understand why. Then my stomach and back started hurting more and more. I went to the doctor and she told me I was ok, she didn’t find anything wrong. I’m like ok maybe I have gas or something or I’m just fat I don’t know. Me and my husband was trying for years to have a baby since my miscarriage in Jan 2016, but I could never get pregnant. So, then I said let me go see my OBGYN. I explained what was going on she said felt my stomach and said let’s do a ultrasound. Well Well Well I have 3 fibroids, She said you have options but it’s not severe at the moment so we can do a DNC and shave them down and go from there. I end up getting my first DNC and it was ok at first until, I start leaking daily to the point I had to wear a pad everyday, and every night because the fibroid was crushing my bladder, I had to wear a pad to bed and sleep on a towel so it wouldn’t leak through. I then went and got another DNC because my fibroids grew back. She put me on a lot of meds but nothing changed things actually got worst but at that point covid came and they didn’t consider fibroids a EMERGENCY so I had to wait to get another procedure and at this point it kept growing and growing to the size of a newborn baby head. So, I had no choice but to get a hysterectomy (Full abdominal). Yes, the hysterectomy got the fibroids out but what about me wanting another child? What about my back pain that I’m still encountering? What about the tears I cry at night because I want another child? What about my stomach that is still numb because of the hysterectomy?

Now my doctor tells me that’s why you had a miscarriage because of the fibroids. Now my doctor tells me that’s why one of your Fallopian tubes was blocked. I really wish I could have gotten a better solution than a hysterectomy, those fibroids took me threw it days not being able to work, be with my kids, being in pain all the time, bad headaches. But the entire time nobody knew what I was going threw because I wanted to seem strong and happy but deep down I was hurting bad and now I’m in a depression. What am I suppose to do now????

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