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Rebecca Stewart’s Story

June 07,2020

I was only 22 when I learned that I had fibroids and it only had been discovered during an emergency situation. I visited the ER three times in one week due to extremely heavy bleeding and passage of large blood clots the size of my fist. Each time, the bleeding subsided by the time I reached the ER so the doctors weren’t quite sure what was going on. The first time, a Monday, they ran a couple tests and sent me home. Second occurrence, Wednesday, I blacked out slightly from losing so much blood and went back to the hospital. They kept my overnight but the bleeding again stopped so they just did tests but didn’t want to do any procedures because they were sure if it was the right call. That Friday, I awoke from a nap in a pool on blood in my bed and rushed to the bathroom to put on a pad. I had lost so much blood that I again blacked out and woke up to my sons father cleaning me up, attempting to put a pad and underwear on me as EMS came into the house to get me. The second and third ER visits I needed multiple blood transfusions. By the third visit that week the doctors finally realized what the problem was and proceeded with an UFE procedure. They told me the main risk would be that I could possibly never have children again but that was a risk I needed to take. A hysterectomy was not discussed prior to the UFE. I had zero knowledge of fibroids or what was going on with the procedure, I just wanted the bleeding to stop. Luckily for me, the “risk” they talked to me about ended up not being true in my case. The following year I got pregnant but unfortunately suffered a miscarriage. Since then, I’ve given birth to my second child and and now going into my third trimester with my third! I am now 30 and haven’t had any further complications following the UFE procedure. It saved my life!

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