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Dearra’s Story

March 31,2021

As far as diagnosed with fibroids this year, while I was taking care of my ovarian cyst, um, I got an MRI done and they found out that I had a fibroid as well. And then while I was going to operate it arm to take care of those two problems, I found that I had another fibroid as well, and they were able to get rid of everything for me.

So one of the symptoms that I really struggled with was heavy periods. Um, I will have to change my tampon probably every day. A few hours, um, for the first two days, because it was fat heavy. And even during the night, I would have to set alarm clocks to wake up, to change it. So I won’t bleed through. So that was very, a difficult time for me while I was going through that.

And. I will sometimes even avoid going outside, going to two parties or the restaurants or wherever. If I knew that they didn’t have an easy, um, bathroom. So I can go to, because I knew like this could be an issue for me on other end pain, wasn’t really an issue. I was just pop a pain pill most of the times and I’ll be fine.

So I thank God that wasn’t an issue for me. So I decided to do the Acessa procedure. Um, this was recommended by my gynecologist. I created established a very solid relationship with her during the time of my SIS ovarian stance on learning more about that. So when she recommended the Acessa procedure, I completely trust her.

And decided to go with that, especially because I was already getting operated on. So I was like, you might as well just do both. It was very difficult to find information on fibroids and cysts. Um, I Googled the symptoms and everything like that, but it was no type of supportive platform at all for women of color who goes through this because it’s so many of us that.

Has fibroids or had fibroids and there’s no supportive system. And I, it’s kind of frustrating because then you feel kind of alone that you are going through this. Um, my best friend actually had a fibroid and got it removed around the same time that I got my since removed. So having her support and knowing more about her health issue really helped me through those because it made me feel like I wasn’t alone.

Um, during this, but without her, um, it was very hard to find any information on fibroids. I will say it’s stays strong and definitely try to reach out to somebody, um, that you may know that had fibroids or have it. And a lot of the times, I didn’t even know anyone around me had it until I told them about my story.

And they were like, Oh, well, I had this. And I had that. So I was open and he was able to open up the dialogue about it. So sometimes you just have to say. Speak up and let people know what you’re going through. Um, it is tough, but you are not alone in this. Um, it is so many thousands of women that are going through this, and it is so important for us to hold each other.

Uh, uplift each other during this time. And we should, I think, like having a community circle or something like that, um, Facebook group or anything that will help, uh, women that are going through dissect there was alone. Um, but I would just definitely say, I understand where you’re coming from. Um, I know the pain, um, I know the worry, I know the mental distress that is caused you are not alone.

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