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Leanna’s Story

May 03,2023

I had an ultrasound in June to diagnose my fibroids. I was so large that I measured as if I had a 6-month pregnancy uterus. When I had another ultrasound in December, the fibroids had grown until they were quite large.

To me, having my uterus and cervix removed for anything other than cancer seemed very invasive. After doing a ton of research and reading about recovery horror stories, I decided to keep my uterus at all costs. It’s my lifeblood as a woman and one that I am unwilling to give up easily.

I had the Acessa procedure on November 1st, 2019. It took me over six months and much mental anguish to decide to get the Accessa treatment no matter what my insurance company decided. Watch my video and learn more about my fibroid journey.

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