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Ms Nisha’s Story

June 07,2020

The first time I discovered I had fibroids was when I experienced some cramping while at work. I went to the ER and was informed I was dialating at 18 weeks and was experiencing pre-term labor. That day was so devastating to me because I was attending regular prenatal appointments and was not made aware that I had several large fibroids. The fibroids that I had caused me to go into pre-term labor at 18 weeks. When experiencing fibroids during pregnancy it is drastically important for women to mandate vaginal sonograms & asked to be monitored. I received a myomectomy and was convinced I was free from fibroids. During my pre-op appointment I was then informed I had little ones remaining and more that grew in numbers and slightly in size. In my opinion, fibroids remains a complete hinder to the reproductive system, develops from poor eating habits and birth controls. Balancing hormones properly is so significant. There are many holistic ways to avoid surgery to assist with diminishing fibroids. Fibroids awareness is ultimately needed within the African American culture. I hope my story can help someone who struggles with fibroids because you are not alone.

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