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Nisha’s Story: Unexpectedly going into pre-term labor because of fibroids

June 07,2020

I discovered I had fibroids when I was three months pregnant and began experiencing cramping while I was at work. At the emergency room, they told me was dilating and going into pre-term labor. That day was devastating to me because I was attending regular prenatal appointments and was not made aware that I had several large fibroids. 

The fibroids caused me to go into pre-term labor at 18 weeks. When experiencing fibroids during pregnancy, women should receive ultrasounds and be monitored.  

During my pre-op appointment before having fibroid removal surgery, the doctor told me I had small fibroids that were growing and increasing in size. I underwent a myomectomy and was convinced I was free from fibroids. 

In my opinion, fibroids are a complete hindrance to the reproductive system. I wonder if they develop from poor eating habits and birth control. Balancing hormones properly is important. Fibroid awareness is needed, especially within the African-American community.  

I hope my story can help someone who struggles with fibroids because you are not alone. 

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