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Ramerah White’s Story

June 07,2020

Hi, my name is Ramerah and I’m so glad to have come across this page for women like me to share my story because it isn’t talked about enough. I found out I had a fibroid at 26 I’m 34 now. I was in a previous marriage trying to get pregnant to no avail. Nothing would ever happen. I’m now remarried and I want nothing more than to give my husband a baby since he can’t see his own due to baby momma drama but I can’t. I feel broken at 34 I have accepted that having children was not in the cards for me. I’ve had numerous trips to the ER, painful periods, heavy flow, and still no baby. But I’ve made my peace with this. I’m open to sharing more of my experience if you’d like I would love to be apart of spreading awareness of fibroids.

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