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Shanna Watkin’s Story

June 07,2020

This has been a Struggle since 2017 from me having the worst periods ever!!! To the point where the fibroid had me at risk with low iron this is a disease African American women need to take seriously I never knew I had so many friends that had a fibroid removed until I got ready to go to surgery May 25th 2021 as I write my testimony I’m home a week from having surgery(myomectomy) I went from my fibroid being the size of a lime to the size of a Softball had Depo Lupron injections every three months with months in between on back order so back to a very excruciating and painful period with so much blood loss I was scared to get this surgery as I was scheduled May 12 ,2020 but COVID had me uncertain but now that I had it removed I feel very confident before I was sad due to carrying a big stomach because everyone thought I was pregnant due to the fibroid so overall this surgery has giving me A New beginning to take better care of myself. Be Blessed

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