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A Day With Shay Video: New Year’s Resolution

December 26,2023

Shay Johnson, a powerful advocate for women’s health, is breaking the silence about fibroids in her Instagram series “A Day with Shay”. In her latest video,  “New Year Resolution: Be Fibroid Free,” Johnson encourages women to make a resolution to be fibroid free. In this video, Johnson talks with her friend who has been silently suffering with fibroids for years about seeking fibroid treatment.  

The actress and TV personality, best known for her work as a main cast member on reality TV series,  Love & Hip Hop: Miami, offers an intimate glimpse into her struggle with fibroids to help other women dealing with this painful condition. On the Instagram Lives, she has covered topics including her tumors returning, health issues from her previous myomectomy treatment, and going through a pregnancy with fibroids. 

Johnson’s message is for women to focus on their internal strength,  encouraging them to listen to their bodies, prioritize their uterine health, and make their well-being a top priority in the new year.

Watch her New Year’s message below by clicking the image.



If you are concerned that you have fibroids, use our Fibroid Symptom Checker to better understand this condition.

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