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From Hysterectomy to Hope: One Woman’s Fight for a Fibroid-Free Future

April 26,2024

Silvia Mele’s story resonates with many women struggling with uterine fibroids. At 40, she received a diagnosis of fibroids, joining a silent community facing uncomfortable symptoms and life-altering decisions. Her mother, diagnosed around the same age, opted for no treatment, leaving Silvia hesitant to follow the same path. When a hysterectomy was initially suggested, Silvia knew there had to be a safer and more effective treatment.

Silvia’s persistence paid off. A second opinion offered the option of myomectomy, a surgery to remove just the fibroids. This was a step in the right direction, but Silvia searched for a less invasive solution. With further consultation, she learned she could monitor the fibroids for now, a decision that left her feeling unsatisfied. Determined to find relief, Silvia embarked on her research journey.

That’s when she discovered uterine Fibroid Embolization (UFE), a minimally invasive procedure performed in a hospital setting with a quick recovery time. UFE offered the perfect solution. Consulting another doctor confirmed UFE’s suitability for her case. In May 2023, Silvia underwent the procedure, and it was a success! Within days, she noticed a significant improvement in her symptoms. More importantly, her recovery was swift, allowing her to return to her life quickly.

Fibroids had cast a shadow over Silvia’s life, causing lower back pain, constipation, weight gain, bloating, low energy, and even depression. But after UFE, these burdens started to lift. Today, Silvia is a testament to the power of advocacy and the advancements in fibroid treatment. Her story encourages women facing similar challenges, urging them to seek out all their options and fight for the pain-free life they deserve.

“My mom was actually more worried about my diagnosis than I was. She was concerned about my future fertility.” While fibroids can affect fertility, she learned from reputable sources that there are many treatment options and having fibroids doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t have children.

This experience has made Silvia passionate about spreading awareness about fibroids, especially since many women are unaware of how common they are. There is hope for those living with fibroids! Many treatment options are available, and UFE is a great minimally invasive option to consider.

Here are some key takeaways from her experience:

  • A hysterectomy may not be your only option.
  • Research fibroids and explore all possible treatment options.
  • Talk to your doctor and see what the best course of action is for you.
  • Consider Uterine Fibroid Embolization (UFE) if it’s an option for you.
  • Do your research and ask questions.

Finding the Right Care

Unlike many women, Silvia had doctors who listened and offered various options. Her journey highlights the importance of seeking second or even third opinions.

Silvia shared her story on social media, her blog, and even at work. Despite affecting many women, fibroids are often overshadowed by discussions on menopause. She also created a resource about fibroids at her workplace to raise awareness. Fibroids are common, and by sharing our experiences, we can help others.

If you’ve been diagnosed with fibroids, know that you’re not alone. There are treatment options available to improve your quality of life. Talk to your doctor and explore all your options. Sign up for our newsletter to get all the latest on fibroid advances.

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