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Shay Johnson: The Different Sizes of Fibroids

November 16,2023

“The reason I want to talk about the different sizes of fibroids,” says TV personality Shay Johnson, ”is because everyone  has a different story about fibroids, the size of their fibroids, and how many they have. I wanted to give you an example of the sizes of my fibroids I had. Fibroids took over my life.”

A Day With Shay 

Johnson, today a leading voice for women’s health, takes over the USA Fibroid Centers Instagram account for a monthly series called “A Day with Shay.”  Providing an insider’s glimpse into her  life, she shares her real experience coping with fibroids, treatment options, and talks about  managing fibroids during her recent pregnancy.

Shay’s Instagram takeovers are a must-watch for anyone impacted by fibroids. With her relatable anecdotes, honest advice, and open-door approach to answering questions, Johnson empowers women to take charge of their health and make informed decisions about their fibroid journey. Follow “A Day With Shay” on Instagram here.

The Different Sizes of Fibroids

Johnson delves into the size of uterine fibroids using visual representations to give women a better idea of what how big these benign tumors can grow to and how they can affect one’s physical and mental health.

The Different Sizes of Fibroids, Part Two, featured here provides a visual demonstration of the sizes of fibroids. The first video covers the impact of fibroid sizes on her reproductive health.

Fibroid Size and Shay’s Myomectomy

The most profound impact of the myomectomy on Johnson’s life was the inability to experience the natural birth of her daughter. Her myomectomy caused a condition known as placenta previa where the baby can not be pushed out through the vaginal opening due to the placenta blocking the exit. This bittersweet moment left an indelible mark on her motherhood experience.

Johnson was unaware of options for treating fibroids, such as uterine fibroid embolization (UFE), a minimally invasive alternative to myomectomy. This lack of awareness fueled Johnson’s passion for advocating for fibroid education and treatment options.

A Voice for Women

Johnson’s experiences have fueled her determination to break the silence and empower women to take control of their reproductive health. She has become an advocate for fibroid awareness with the USA Fibroid Centers and her social media, using her platform to educate and support women facing similar challenges.

Through her openness and honesty, Johnson aims to foster a dialogue about fibroids, dismissing myths and encouraging women to seek proper information and support. Her story serves as a beacon of hope for women navigating the complexities of fibroids, reminding them that they are not alone.

Breaking the Silence, One Conversation at a Time

Johnson highlights the importance of open conversations about fibroids, a condition that affects millions of women worldwide. By sharing her experiences, she encourages others to speak up, seek support, and make informed decisions about their health.

Through her objective storytelling, Johnson hopes to enable women to make informed decisions about their fibroid treatment plans. She firmly believes that knowledge is power, and arming women with information can transform their fibroid experiences.

Celebrity and Fibroid Fighter Shay Johnson

On A Day with Shay, Johnson candidly recounts her struggles with fibroids, a common condition that often goes unnoticed and under-discussed. The actor’s diagnosis came after a frightening incident that left her feeling dismissed and unheard. After fainting and sustaining a head injury, she was informed of the possibility of fibroids. “It was as if I should have been aware of something that no one had ever talked about,” she expresses, highlighting the lack of public awareness and open discussions about fibroids.

Her story is a testament to the power of advocacy and the impact it can have on the lives of others. Johnson’s efforts to raise awareness are paving the way for a future where women feel empowered to discuss their reproductive health concerns without stigma or shame.

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