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Congresswoman Yvette Clarke Honored by Fibroid Fighters Foundation

August 02,2021

Congresswoman Yvette Clarke to Receive Fibroid Fighters Champion Award

Fibroid Fighters’ “A Night in Purple” highlights women’s rights to better fibroid care

Northbrook, IL, July 19, 2021— The Fibroid Fighters Foundation will honor Congresswoman Yvette Clarke at their fibroid awareness dinner, “A Night in Purple”, which will be held on Saturday, July 31, beginning at 5:00 p.m. at the Empire Steak House, 151 East 50th Street, New York, NY.

Clarke, who represents the 9th New York Congressional District, will receive the first Fibroid Fighters Champion of the Year award for her efforts in introducing the Stephanie Tubbs Jones Uterine Fibroid Research and Education Act of 2021. The bill will provide an estimated $150M to the National Institutes of Health for fibroid research and education and is expected to be voted on later this year.

The newly established Fibroid Fighters Champion of the Year award will be presented by Yan Katsnelson, M.D., Founder and CEO of Fibroid Fighters Foundation, in recognition of an individual whose efforts have heightened awareness about fibroid disease, which affects over 26 million American women each year.

“We are honored that Congresswoman Yvette Clarke will be the first recipient of the Fibroid Fighters Champion Award,” Katsnelson said. “Recognition of her ongoing support of needed legislation to improve women’s healthcare outcomes for fibroid treatment is long overdue.”

Fibroids are the primary reason for undergoing a hysterectomy in the U.S., accounting for 33% to more than 40% of the approximately 600,000 hysterectomies performed each year.1 In addition to research funding, the bill will support fibroid education in schools and help the general population better understand that fibroid disease is treatable without surgery.

Fibroid Fighters’ “A Night in Purple” awareness dinner commemorates July as Fibroid Awareness Month. It is a culmination of the non-profit’s efforts to bring legislators, activists, celebrities, and fibroid survivors together to initiate community conversations about the need for fibroid awareness, education, research, and funding.

“There needs to be better knowledge about treatment options, especially for women who are interested in treatments that preserve fertility,” Katsnelson said. “Awareness and education about non-surgical options such as uterine fibroid embolization (UFE), offer women the complete preservation of the uterus.”

Fibroid Fighters’ mission is to advance the cause of women’s health and the safe, effective treatment of fibroids. It develops programming centered on education, advocacy, and access to care. Its awareness campaign, Talk About U“, encourages women to break the silence and share their uterine fibroid experiences by recording virtual interviews. These video vignettes help eliminate the taboo around talking about menstruation and to erase the stigma that dealing with fibroids is normal.

Fibroid Fighters is hosting a full calendar of awareness programming during Fibroid Awareness Month to encourage women to start conversations, create connections and build communities that ensure that no woman fights alone or without knowing her choices.

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About the Fibroid Fighters Foundation

The Fibroids Fighters Foundation is a public welfare organization created to advance the cause of women’s health and the safe, effective treatment of uterine fibroids. Its mission is to educate the American public about the health, social and economic damages caused by uterine fibroids, focusing on research for and advances in fibroid disease treatment.

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